Helping Hands - stitching & sewing for good causes

cushions and quilts for children and young people in need

                 Handmade gifts for people in need

Hello and welcome to my colourful world :-) 

 Since July 2008, I have been making cushions & quilts for vulnerable children and  other young people around the world who are in need of something soft and comforting.

Sewing is my passion - my way to relax and get away from day-to-day stress. Over the years I've made over 1,000 cusihons, close to 250 quilts and a range of other items such as pencil cases, lavender bags, craft bags, stuffed toys.

In 2014, I formed an online Facebook group to bring together like-minded people who enjoy sewing, knitting, crocheting and giving to charity. To date we have 1,025 members and are growing steadily.

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  Donations are most welcome at any time -
as is help with the sewing, knitting, stitched pictures or postage.


 Last update: 28th September 2015

                                 A few of the cushions

                                     A few of the quilts