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A Day in the Life of a Kids Company cushion ... a short story

Although Kids Company is now defunct (per August 2015), this story represents all the cushions, quilts and soft gifts we have made so far to help children in need. Sadly, the stories are the same no matter the name of the charity. 

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Hello everyone

I’m a Kids’ Company cushion. Nicki, “The Cushion Lady”, made me as a gift for one of our most vulnerable children and when she was in the UK earlier this year I got chance to tell her about my life since leaving her sewing room in the Swiss mountains.

There are around 600 of us in London at the moment and more of us are under construction. We have lots of brothers and sisters in the schools as well – and some other relatives who we call “The Quilties”. They are single-bed sized quilts which Nicki has made for lots of Kids’ Co kiddies and the cosy corners too.

But back to me ….. I live with a wonderful little girl and go everywhere with her. Most mornings we wake up damp because my Little Princess cries a lot in her sleep.  But I am very soft and absorbent and can take all her tears for her.  It doesn’t take us long to get ready for school as we sleep in our outside clothes – my Little Princess tells me that this is in case a bad man comes in the night and she can run away quickly. We love going to school because there are always nice people there who listen to us and help us when we get upset or angry – and who also share our joys and triumphs as well.  Sometimes we wish we could live at school really.

So all through the morning I was sat on – on the floor, on the chair or squashed up against the warm radiator. My Little Princess loves to sit by the radiator – but sometimes she doesn’t move away when it gets too hot. She told me the pain of the burning feeling helps her forget her own pains but I am always very happy when someone comes and takes her away from that place.

Sometimes in the afternoon we have sessions with Lovely Lady from Kids’ Company. My Little Princess takes me with her and I help to absorb her anger when she gets really mad and Lovely Lady tells her to punch all her anger out into the middle of the cushion. I am soft and snugly and can take as many punches as she wants to give – and often after that we snuggle down under one of the Quilties for a little sleep and enjoy our peace for a short while.

After school we sometimes go to The Arches – oh how we LOVE going there!  We see lots of our friends and can make wonderful things in the Art Room. Sometimes The Shop is open and there are bright coloured socks, hats, scarves and mittens that have come for us from Nicki’s friends around the world. We have to share the things with our friends and they help us keep warm on our way to and from home and school. There is always a delicious tea for us as well and the time passes very quickly!

After that we go home.  We hope the door of the flat will be open and that when we get inside there won’t be any shouting. If it’s a bad day and the door is locked, we sit together in the corridor until someone comes to let us in or we go to the estate to hang around. We don’t like that though as we might get hurt – and my Little Princess is always scared that someone might steal me away from her to sell. I try to tell her that I have her name written in big letters on one side, so no one could ever say I am theirs and not hers.  But that is a disadvantage of being a cushion – I can’t speak and sometimes my Little Princess can’t hear me.

But I have hope that one day my Little Princess will go out into the big world and find a life for herself away from the troubles and fears she has now – and then I will be very proud that I was able to help her a little bit along the way by just always being there for her.

With love and respect
A. Cushion


This short story was originally written for the Kids Company newsletter (2011).

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